The smart Trick of Adam And Eve Lube That No One is Discussing

Sexual lube is vital for intercourse or masturbation. Each of the lubes I've serves a specific function, but you can use some of them to find the job finished. They're all wet and slippery and just great lubes.

Eve's Masturbator lube and adam is a water-based lube that works nicely for masturbators. In case you have a pocket or stroker pussy, the masturbator lube is going to be your very best buddy.

Eve's Vibrator lube and adam is just another water-based lube that is perfect to pair with your favorite vibrator or insertable sex toys. Both are awesome.

Uber Lube is a silicone based lube and it feels Best Lube For Jerking Off luxurious. Just a tiny bit goes a very long way and this lube is excellent for anal play or uses with glass sex toys!

Ultimately, JO H2O is a water based lube and as its name suggests, perfect for jacking off with. This lube comes in a bottle that is little so that you may take it on the road or even clear TSA security with it. There you go! Lubes for days!

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