Ben Wa Balls (Kegel Balls) Pink

Who hasn't heard of Ben Wa Balls? My only gripe with them are the ridges, which are supposed to be for an ‘intimate massage', but are quite frankly a pain to clean, especially if you want to whip your balls out (giggle) in a public toilet and aren't able to give them a rinse immediately.

But doing Kegel exercises with Kegel balls is one of the most natural and stress-free ways to go about tightening your vagina once again. The two balls are hooked to a string and inserted into the vagina. If you are looking for ultimate comfort down there while also staying fit and active, nothing can work better than the Nurse Hatty Premium Kegel Exercise Weight System.

Kegel exercises help tighten and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which support your uterus, bladder, rectum and small intestine. You don´t want the ben wa balls to fall out during this time as that would be rather embarrassing so don´t forget to take them out if you´re going for a run, going to the store, or going to do other errands.

I never knew that I wanted vibrations in my Ben Wa Balls until I got my hands on the Lelo Luna Beads. This is also an effective way to strengthen your PC muscles, which were affected by many of the factors mentioned above. In earlier times, these adult toys have a string attached (usually nylon or silicone) that allowed easy retrieval while inside the vagina.

Start with two sets of 10 of these exercises, and as you progress you will work two sets of 50 Ben Wa Ball exercises per day. Remember that larger and lighter balls are easier for a beginner because they're less likely to slip out than smaller, heavy Ben Wa balls.

Because Kegel balls are dry, it is often necessary to apply some lubricant on them. Flex your pelvic muscles while gently tugging on the strings. At the same time, you will also find other beads like balls, where one ball is within the other. Most of these kegel balls are available in clever designs according to the needs and the expectations of women.

The friction of the slightly weighted balls gently stimulates and puts pressure on your internal nerves - a great way to get slowly turned on before sex or solo play. To see faster results, do a quick online search for various Kegel ball exercises and find one that you prefer.

The 1″ Beginner Ben Wa Balls for Kegel Exercises are stainless steel balls, which are 1 inch in diameter. Ben Wa Balls were introduced hundreds of years ago in Asia. This test lets you know what state of health your pelvic floor is in and what types of kegel workout exercises are best for you.

@Julie - As far as size goes with Ben Wa balls, it's a little different than you would think when you want to strengthen your PC muscles as compared, to say, weights at the gym. Sit down on a chair and insert the Ben Wa Balls into your vagina. The soft outer layer is smooth against skin and provides three progressively heavier weights to train your muscles to be their strongest.

The Kegel balls can be inserted while you are standing or lying down. They will not feel uncomfortable at all and they are excellent for finding out whether Ben Wa Balls are right for you at all. Finding the right size is important for comfort and satisfaction with your Ben Wa balls.

In this post: Why kegel products are not the correct way to do kegel exercises for your pelvic floor muscles, and how kegel weights and other kegel devices can do more harm than good. The Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Balls is an excellent upgrade to your collection if you already own something like the Lelo Luna Beads.

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